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Festive Season Safety

Consider the following safety tips over the festive season: 

  1. Get to know all the neighbours around you: It is important to know when people are coming or going and if they are perhaps going on holiday. This will make it a lot easier to spot suspicious people and/or movement in your neighbourhood.
  2. Don’t advertise what you got for Christmas: There will be gift giving, which inevitably leads to packaging that ends up in the bins. These boxes give an indication to the criminal element out there of what is inside your house. Try and find some other way to get rid of these boxes.
  3. Vary your movement patterns: Don’t fall into too obvious routines. Vary the times when you leave home, and try never to create the impression that “no one is home”. This is where point number one comes into play again.
  4. Make sure all your security measures are working: Test your alarm regularly, ensure that we have your latest details, and please let us know if you have any special holiday instructions.
  5. Ensure the perimeter of your house is protected: Make sure that there are no weak spots in your fence and/or boundary wall. Check your roof to ensure that there are no easy access points.
  6. Always arm your alarm, even if you are popping out for a short while. Ensure your perimeter beams are set for outside even if you are at home as this is your first line of defence. Use your alarm’s STAY mode to arm certain areas in your home whilst you are asleep or are in one part of the house.
  7. Enjoy the holidays, however remain sensible and vigilant to any suspicious activity and report this as soon as possible to your community hub and/or security provider

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