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FOHP Returns to the parks

Return to the Parks

Hi everyone, long time no see! It’s been a difficult time for all of us, but the Friends of Harfield Parks are happy to announce that we are returning to work in the Parks now that Level 2 is well underway. Some of you may have noticed that Peter is already back at work, and we’ll be gearing up operations now that we can work outside again.

We’d like to give a particular acknowledgement to our donors who continued supporting FOHP through lockdown. Your support in a financially-constrained time is incredibly appreciated – thank you so much for helping keep our spirits up!

Cape Town food growing initiatives
Lockdown hasn’t been all bad – one positive spinoff has been the rapid growth in community micro-farming initiatives all over Cape Town, in which community groups, faith-based organisations and individuals have started food gardens to feed themselves and each other. If you’d like to read further or get involved, the CTT Food Growers’ Initiative Facebook page catalogues all sorts of projects from individual food gardens to Community Action Network (CAN)-supported projects.

City of Cape Town – Tree application form
Trees are a vital part of keeping our cities clean, cool and quiet. Thankfully, the Recreation and Parks department actually helps Capetonians by providing a free tree-planting service (subject to a few restrictions). If you’d like a tree for your pavement or pavement-adjacent garden, you can request one from City Parks by filling in their tree-planting application form.

Request for donations
The Friends of Harfield Park are funded primarily through donations. and (historically) the money we were able to raise at the Harfield Village Carnival. As there will be no Harfield Village festival this year, we’ve lost a major source of funding and will be looking for alternative ways to fund our operations. If you are able to donate to us, your money will go to the following:

  • Picking up litter and dog waste
  • Acquiring new plants and trees for the parks
  • Maintaining and improving the pathways
  • New large-scale projects, such as purchasing a water tank for additional irrigation during the summer months, and possible water-permeable pathways for the parks

Please consider contributing to our efforts to keep our parks clean and thriving by setting up a monthly donation or donating once-off via the Snapscan at the end of this newsletter.

Warm regards,
The FOHP Committee

For more information and directions you can email us at harfield.parks@gmail,com. You can donate using the following details: Friends of Harfield Parks; Standard Bank, Claremont; Account number: 076293874

Or use the Snapscan below.

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