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The shift to utilising our outdoor spaces has accelerated lately as we’re spending more time at home for both work and leisure. Here’s what’s trending when it comes to style inspiration for outdoor living.

It’s that old adage that works every time – choose the right plant in the right place. There is a need for irrigation in the first year or so in a new garden design to help the plants get established but, after that, plants should be able to stand on their own two feet, except for a bit of extra water in drought conditions. 

The sanctuary garden
The popularity of mindfulness and well-being spaces has grown over the past couple of years. In our outdoor spaces, we can create such feelings by introducing water, using a soothing colour palette and by creating small, enclosed areas that allow us to take a moment to immerse ourselves and reconnect with nature.

Easy-cutting garden flowers
Even the smallest urban terrace garden can be transformed into a cutting garden if you grow the right ‘cut and come again’ flowers. All garden plants are fair game for the vase.

Sun-baked terracotta tones
The colour terracotta instils a sense of relaxation in the home and garden. We expect this palette to boom as it combines saturated shades with soft and grounded hues to echo the shift towards beautiful tones that fill us with joy.

Decorative screens
Decorative screens are good for adding privacy in overlooked city spaces and dividing up a space into zones. The current fashion is metal panels intricately patterned with botanical, laser-cut designs that look good as a contrast to naturalistic planting.

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