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Home automation systems allow you to control areas of your home remotely, from lighting and heating to security cameras around the property and even individual appliances. Here’s why automation features should be on your list of things to do when you want to increase your property’s value:

A Greener Home
Millennial homebuyers, in particular, are keen to invest in energy-saving devices and properties that will have a lasting positive effect on the planet. From smart lighting using LED light bulbs to thermostats, geysers and plugs, there are various devices that can have an impact on the green credentials of your home.

Buyers Want Convenience
Homebuyers of all ages and demographics are interested in smart home functionality. Any home that can offer potential buyers freedom and accessibility will be more desirable when it comes to making an offer. If a property already has this in place, it’s a positive benefit that other properties can’t always provide.

It’s Easier to Sell a Modern Property

If a potential buyer can move in and immediately start enjoying their new home without needing to make changes or renovate the property, it’s a key selling point that can go in your favour.

Greater Security for You and Potential Owners
A safe and secure home is of paramount importance to any buyer, and home automation can support this. There are security cameras that can be controlled remotely, doorbells that will enable you to see who’s at your property even when you’re not at home, and apps that enable you to close the blinds or curtains and switch on the lights in the evening to deter intruders.

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