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As South Africa finds itself in the midst of widespread load shedding once again, homeowners have been urged to test their security systems and to pay particular attention to the battery backup systems. 

There are a number of practical steps that can be taken to ensure security is not compromised during any power cuts. Charnel Hattingh at Fidelity ADT lists the most important tips:

1. It is important that your alarm system has an adequate battery supply. Batteries should be checked regularly.
2. Alarms should be checked during extended power outages to keep systems running.
3. Power cuts can impact fire control systems, so these also need to be checked regularly.
4. The more frequent use of gas and candles can increase the risk of fire – home fire extinguishers should be on hand.
5. Above all, remain vigilant during a power cut. Be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and report this to your security company or SAPS immediately.

“Because of load shedding, there might also be a higher than usual number of alarm activation signals received by security companies,” says Hattingh. “You can assist by manually cancelling any false alarms, and thus help call centre agents prioritise the calls needing urgent attention.”

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