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It is with great sadness that we share the news of the recent passing of a local legend (former Springbok Tennis player and British Open Golfer) and Harfield Village resident – Leon Norgarb,  age 96.

We, as a community, extend our deepest sympathy to the Norgarb family and to our local real-estate agent Lew Norgarb of Norgarb Properties.

Leon made a huge contribution to South African Tennis and Golf over the years. He was also a strong campaigner against racism and segregation in sport and was well known for his anti-establishment and rebellious attitude in this regard. Leon entertained many well-known figures at his Rondebosch home (and tennis court) including the likes of Chris Barnard, Gary Player, and Arthur Ashe to name but a few.

Many have written in to express how fondly they remember Leon for his tennis coaching lessons. Leon was the only known sportsman to compete in both tennis and golf majors, (i.e. Wimbledon and the French Open tennis, plus British Open Golf tournaments), and given his expertise, he was suitably equipped to coach both disciplines at a professional level. Another claim to fame was an apparent informal and fun competition with a handful of touring golf pros to see who could hit the furthest drive. This took place at the Kimberly Big Hole. Leon with his massive right arm used to tell the story of his ball being the only one to hit the other side with an eruption of rock pigeons that took off like “homesick angels”.

He coached many national as well as Western Province players during his time. This includes his own son Lew, who achieved a world ranking before following in his father’s footsteps going on to become a well-known coach in Cape Town.

Leon Norgarb is survived by his sons, Lew and Perry and daughters, Donna, Shelley and Judy.

Leon Norgarb
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