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New Year’s resolutions - Fidleity ADT

New Year’s resolutions: a time to think about a better – and a safer – you

The idea of drawing up your goals and targets for the new year is something that stretches almost 4000 years back. Researchers believe it is the Babylonians who made certain promises at the start of a new calendar year, and it is this principle which we see today in the New Year’s Resolutions we all talk about.

“This is a time of year when we think about going back to gym, changing the way we work with money, or just making some personal lifestyle improvements. It is a time when we all think how we can become ‘better’ people, and I believe it’s a perfect opportunity to also pay attention to being safer,” says Charnel Hattingh, Head of Marketing and Communications at Fidelity ADT.

The easiest approach is to ask a number of basic questions. The replies, explains Hattingh, will determine what you need to do next.

“When last did you test your home alarm system? You must be sure that the system still works and that your security company will receive an alarm signal in case of an emergency.”

Hattingh says the next step is to make sure your security company has all your updated contact information on file, so that they know exactly who to contact in case of an emergency. This includes the details of secondary contact people, in case the main contact person is not reachable.

“Then, do a walk around your home and property. If you have big bushes or plants in your garden, make sure they don’t obscure any outdoors passive or infrared alarm sensors. For those who have done renovations to their homes, I would recommend checking if the new rooms are adequately covered by the alarm system. You should also pay attention to branches that could trigger the electric fences, or any damage that could have been done by strong winds or heavy rain.”

Hattingh also recommends storing valuables, such as bicycles and children’s toys, and anything that could be used to break into your home in a locked garage or shed.

CCTV systems are no longer as prohibitively expensive as they may have been in the past. Burglar bars, security gates and an alarm system linked to a reaction service are all also vital components of the solution.

“It is always best to get a professional in to assess your security solutions at home if you are unsure about whether it is still adequate. These experts will be able to identify any vulnerable areas and offer the best and modern solutions.”

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