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Ozone treatments increase oxygen levels in our cells whilst killing off viruses, bacteria and pathogens foreign to our body. Steam sauna ozone is a fabulously relaxing treatment which helps boost our immune system and overall health and is known to combat anxiety and depression.

A Steam Sauna Ozone session will leave you re-oxygenated, rehydrated and feeling rejuvenated. The skin is our largest elimination organ for toxin release, you will literally sweat your toxins out and your blood flow is improved aiding a detox for many hours after your session. 

With the airs’ 02 levels declining and toxins in our water and food increasing, the lower 02 levels are detrimental to our bodies. Most disease and degeneration can be reduced through proper oxygenation of our tissues and organs and steam sauna ozone does exactly that.. 

Ozone (O3) is oxygen with an extra molecule. It is a super charged molecule which helps increase the stability of healthy cells while destroying and aiding elimination of malformed, immature sick cells, viruses, bacteria, yeasts and other toxins. 

Some of the reported benefits include:

• Inactivating viruses; oxidizing bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites

• Stimulating the immune system 

• Oxidizing lactic acid 

• Reducing joint pain 

• Balancing hormone and enzyme production

• Positive effects on depression and anxiety disorders. 

• Oxidizing adrenaline, promoting calmness

• Improved circulation  

• Increased metabolism

Its time to help our bodies get rid of some of the waste and refresh the system!! 

Take advantage of our Halloween special R350 for a single treatment usually R449.

Our WhatsApp lines are always open.  To book at the Claremont Chiropractic Health Centre, 4 Oak Road, Claremont & the Institute of healthy aging, 10 Kloof Road, Sea Point contact Carmen on +27 829217813. 

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