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The challenge is on for landlords and investors to differentiate their properties in order to attract quality tenants. Here are a few simple improvements to glean maximum value from an investment property:

Energy security
With the current pressure on the South African grid, being able to keep the lights on is a substantial property differentiator. This doesn’t necessarily mean the installation of a full solar and inverter system (although at the top end of the market, solar panels are a key feature) but could be as simple as a stand-alone battery backup to keep the lights, wi-fi and television operational during load-shedding.

Gas installation
Load-shedding means that electric appliances like the microwave, oven and hob don’t work – often over meal times. Whilst we’re not able to solve it all, the simple installation of a gas hob means that tenants are able to prepare food whilst the power is off.

Security upgrades
Small improvements in security measures add immediate value to a property. Simple additions, like a CCTV camera that enables tenants to monitor movements within their property, make all the difference.

Remote geyser operation
By installing a smart wi-fi-connected geyser timer, tenants are able to remotely switch their geyser on and off.  This enables power saving and also gives them a better insight into their energy consumption.

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