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On the 4th March 2024 Animal Rescue Organisation (ARO) embarks on a mission close to our hearts. This date marks the launch of our Sterilisation Drive.

Though sterilisation always has and always will be a major focus for our Organisation, this year we are taking it a step further. We want to ‘clean up’ the communities right on our door step. Our Animal Hospital based in Ottery is in the heart of some of the neediest areas, namely Jim se Bos, Lekkerwater, Egoli, Phumlani and Siqalo.

In order to make a real impact on the animal overpopulation and over all health of these communities , we need to sterilise at least 70% of the animal population. Our estimates are the this adds a further 400 animals to our already established annual target of 1400 animals bringing us up to a total goal of 1800 animals.

Our sterilisation procedure is already subsidised massively by our donors, and we only ask for a small contribution from our beneficiaries, if they are able. Our sterilisation campaign will offer 100% free sterilisations as well as vaccinations, tick and flea and deworming medications for each animal in these areas.

We are appealing to the public to save lives of animals by donating to help us fight overpopulation, homelessness, suffering and pain

R550 will provide a dog or cat with

  • Sterilisation procedure
  • Vaccinations
  • Dewormer
  • Tick and Flea medication




ARO Launches Free Sterilisation Drive in Ottery!

The Animal Rescue Organisation (ARO) is excited to announce a critical mission targeting animal overpopulation and improving community health: a free sterilisation drive happening on March 4th, 2024, right here in Ottery!

Sterilisation has always been a cornerstone of our work, but this year, we’re going above and beyond. Our Ottery Animal Hospital sits in the heart of underserved areas like Jim se Bos, Lekkerwater, Egoli, Phumlani, and Siqalo. To truly make a difference, we aim to sterilise at least 70% of the animal population, an ambitious goal requiring an additional 400 sterilisations on top of our existing annual target of 1400.

Making a Difference, One Sterilisation at a Time

This dedicated campaign offers 100% free sterilisations, including vaccinations, deworming, and tick and flea medication for every dog and cat. This comprehensive approach not only addresses overpopulation but also promotes overall animal health.

Our existing sterilisation program already heavily subsidizes the procedure thanks to generous donors. However, this drive eliminates all financial barriers for community members, ensuring accessibility and maximizing impact.

Supporting the Mission: How You Can Help

The public is crucial in making this Sterilisation Drive a success. Donations of R550 will directly fund a single sterilisation, encompassing all the necessary medical care.

This contribution saves lives by preventing unwanted litters, reducing homelessness, and alleviating suffering caused by overpopulation.
Together, we can make a significant difference for the animals and communities of Ottery!

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