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summer heat

Even with all the joys of summer, the “I’m melting!” sentiment always becomes inevitable in South Africa. With air conditioning costing an arm and a leg, what else can you do to protect yourself from the maddening heat?

Plant a tree in front of your window. Be mindful of the position of the window and the way the sun moves in summer and in winter. This is a wonderful solution because it is aesthetically pleasing and it’s good for the environment.  Furthermore, it not only shields your house from the sun during summer but also allows light through the windows in winter when the leaves fall off, provided you choose a deciduous species.

Sails, awnings, and blinds
Window awnings and sails are probably some of the most practical ways to shield your windows from the sun. The biggest advantage of those is that they protect the windows from the outside. That means that they do not allow the glass to heat, thus preventing the heat from penetrating the window.

Lights and electricity
Do not use any unnecessary lights, because a light bulb produces enough heat to warm up a small room by a few degrees. Unplug everything you’re not using, because all of the devices that are plugged in produce heat as well.


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