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Monthly Nutrition Bite - Feb'22

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About –Diet Fads for 2022

Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit 12 Week Program
Nutrition Basics 8 Week Program

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Diet Fads for 2022

In the pursuit of weight loss we can easily get caught up in the next new fad. The instant gratification for quick weight loss that we crave is our downfall. It’s human to want that, but we need to become aware of what we are actually doing to ourselves if we start following fads. They all have some good components, but where they all tend to go off balance is their energy intake. It is low, which is the only we can get the quick weight loss. HOWEVER, this ‘weight’ loss is in fact mostly muscle plus water (and not fat). We can only lose body fat properly with time.

The diet fads for 2022 are really interesting, as they are extremely different, almost opposing ideas, but are also moving toward a lesser ‘diet’ approach. The problem is that any approach can be made into a fad diet, and this is what we need to be aware of if we do follow a diet trend.

So what are the diet trends of 2022?

  • Immune-boosting diet
  • Keto diet
  • MIND diet
  • Intuitive eating


Covid has definitely influenced our diet trends! It is not necessarily a bad thing that we are focusing more on health, but be careful not to confuse health and weight. Many people only strive for weight loss, not realising that we can lose weight but not help our bodies out in any way because we have lost weight in an unhealthy way, is important. Quick weight loss generally means muscle and water are lost, NOT fat, making you more susceptible to weight regain and chronic diseases of lifestyle.

Each of the diet fads have some things in common. One of those is that we have so many more processed foods available to cater for a trend. Remember that processed is NOT better. When we are moving towards a trend, we need to try to remember to do it in an unprocessed way. Unprocessed will always be a healthier. It does not matter that the processed food says sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, low fat etc. etc. These are just labels enticing you. A treat is a treat – it doesn’t matter what it is made of! You are not ‘naughty’ for having some ‘normal’ chocolate or biscuit or other treat.

Immune-boosting diet
Changing eating habits to improve health has become one of the latest trends since COVID. We all want strong immune systems and we know that good nutrition plays a role in that. The diet emphasises increasing our fruit and veg intake (4 fruit and 5 veg portions per day), balanced nutrition (having a combination of whole grain cereals and a variety of meats and beans), as well as the importance of protein.

Keto Diet
It looks like the keto trend is here to stay! Keto involves eating ‘low carb and high fat’. The carbohydrates are reduced to anywhere between 20 and 50g. This starvation of the body of carbohydrates causes a breakdown of protein and muscle to glucose, as glucose is in fact a necessary component for energy within the body. Once the body has adapted (around 2 weeks) the breakdown of proteins does decrease as the body is then able to use the fat predominantly as the energy source. But as soon as you eat more carbohydrates or too much protein again the glucose energy cycle dominates again and you are bounced out of the ketosis state.

MIND diet
The MIND diet is a combination of the traditional Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet. This diet focuses on cognitive brain health. MIND = Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. This trend focuses on having mostly a plant-based and vegetarian style of eating – fruits, vegetables, legumes and wholegrains, healthy fats, and incorporating fish on occasion

Intuitive eating
The intuitive eating trend is growing in popularity. It challenges the diet culture, so is in fact not a diet. The theory is that the continual practice of restrictive diets is where our problem with health and weight lies. This is true, given that 95% of fad diets fail to maintain weight loss after 5 years.

The main parts of intuitive eating is to 1) reject diet mentality, 2) follow no strict rules, and 3) learn to listen to what your body needs.

This tool is just that – a tool (a lot like intermittent fasting) – it should not be made into a diet and you should focus off of weight loss when you work with it.

I teach clients to eat with their physiology, learn to listen to their bodies and work through their emotional clutter so that they can get to their best. I offer this through online programs as well as one-on-one consultations. The next online programs start on Monday. Come and join so that you can have ‘diet’ success once and for all!

Check out this weeks’ blogs on Instagram and Facebook for more information on these trends.

Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit

Do you find yourself going to food when you are emotional, stressed, upset or just to cope with life? Many people do this to quieten negative feelings. And although this makes them feel better in the moment, the guilt and shame that often follows makes them more emotional and eat more. The cycle is vicious as it often leaves people gaining weight. And the diet solutions that come up bring more destruction to the cycle. It is important to learn to set the diet up correctly so that your body can work at its best. All the while working on learning about yourself, discovering why you eat, and finding other ways to deal with the emotions.

When eating has become your main coping mechanism for difficult situations and feelings, you may have gotten stuck in this unhealthy emotional eating cycle. There is a way out. It will take time, and it will be hard work. But you need to know that you can do it if you give yourself time and you are kind to yourself through the process!

I am launching my 12-week online program ‘Breaking The Fad Dieting Habit’ next week Monday to help my clients conquer their emotional eating and learn how to keep the weight off for good. If you want to take control and beat emotional eating, constant dieting and weight cycling (to name a few), this program is for you. There is only one week left to sign up.

What you’ll find in the ‘Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit’ online program:

  1. 1 individual consultation to teach you how to eat correctly for your body. This session can be done virtually or in-person
  2. 2 follow up consultations at week 6 and 12 to work on individual progress
  3. 12 weekly group sessions to teach you different strategies to deal with thoughts and feelings that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts. These sessions are presented virtually via Zoom
  4. Extra material on the 12 sessions that you can read through and listen to in your own time. Each week’s material is released on the Monday

For more information on the Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit program click here.

Let’s have an honest conversation about what you’ve been going through and if I can help. I would love to help you figure out if the Breaking The Fad Dieting Habit program is right for you. I’m happy to talk via email or jump on the phone with you to talk more.

Nutrition Basics Program

Are you confused about what to do about your nutrition and eating? Have you tried it all but gotten nowhere? We have been bombarded with diets telling us they have the magic key to health and weight loss. Low carb, low fat, detox etc. But they haven’t worked, at least not long term, and now you feel that you are in an even worse position! I hear this every day from new clients. These are ‘quick fix’ diets and are generally unhealthy and unbalanced diets, and leave people in a physiologically and psychologically worse space. The struggle is real, but the answer is actually quite simple.

It is time you took matters into your own hands and find the eating style that suits your body and your lifestyle best.

I have been helping people to learn how to manage their eating plans for over 16 years and I want to help you too. I have developed an online program called ‘Nutrition Basics’ to teach you all the nutrition basics you need to know about when it comes to your diet. And I am so excited to announce that it is launching on the 18th October 2021! This is the first chance for you to join the Nutrition Basics program this year, just in time to get yourself into a good rhythm for the year.

This program will teach you about the important nutrition basics to help you make the healthy food choices so that you can eat in a way that works for your lifestyle while incorporating foods that you enjoy and work well with your body.

The Nutrition Basics program is an online program where you will learn about key nutrition concepts week by week. Each Monday your week’s lessons will become available for you to read and listen to in your own time. You will need to set aside about half to one hour a week to work through the material. We will also have 4 group meetings (via Zoom on Thursdays at 18:00 SAST) for group support. These chats will be recorded and made available to you, so if you do miss them you can still access all the information. During these group sessions we will discuss the topics of the week. This gives you the chance to get any questions you may have answered. During this program, you will learn how to make small changes to your eating that will make sticking to the plan natural and easy. There will be no more need for long term willpower!

The program breakdown:

In the 8-weeks we will work through different topics:
Week 1: How to eat for success – working out the plan
Week 2: Understanding hunger and satiety
Week 3: Treating yourself – how to bring treats into your plan without guilt
Week 4: The importance of water
Week 5: Figuring out the food labels
Week 6: How do snacks fit in?
Week 7: Tips for eating out
Week 8: Healthy cooking and meal prep

For more information on the Nutrition Basics program click here.

PS. These programs are evidence-based, using the latest research and over 16 years of my clinical experience. I’ve got your back, and I know you can learn how to change habits so that healthy eating becomes easy and can be part of your day to day living by joining me in the Nutrition Basics or Breaking the Fad Dieting Habit Programs. It’s a great time to join, with our first lot of programs for this year launching on Monday.

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