capsule clothing for autumn
Capsule Clothing for Autumn expanding your wardrobe with each Season

Seasoned Capetonians know that the only way to survive our temperamental weather is with layers & an ever ready wind breaker. Now we begin to welcome the gradually changing season & breathe out with these occasional cooler days, as autumn approaches slowly after a scorching hot dry summer.

Perhaps like me I have never looked forward to our severe winter, but this year has change this for the foreseeable future!

We can begin to identify with those born & bred here who dream of curries, red wine & fires.

This is the perfect time to start to plan ahead on developing the concept of a new capsule of coordinating items of clothing to add to your existing wardrobe & blend together of old & new for more possibilities with separates.

I have begun already with two identical pairs of boot leg jeans of stretch denim of a beautiful hue of blue in a medium weight. I find personally that the older I get the less likely I am to tolerate discomfort in my clothing, as I have realised the moment I put on my clothes I want to forget that I have them on. The idea that I have to suffer to be beautiful no longer exists for me & probably shows on my face favourably.

I have several soft black jerseys & I have an every expanding collection of beautiful colourful Indian Shawls in suitable colours for me. I love accessories especially earrings & this will get me though the winter with a black coat & some light but warm vest. A genuinely faded denim jacket is a good addition for me too.

A concept that works for me as my taste for myself is established in a style it works so I often buy multiples of clothing, sandals, shoes or boots if they are available. This is because I am not standard in my size of my body or feet & always struggle to get what I like in my size.

One of the most important aspects to consider is your body shape is acceptance of the reality now. I remember I time when I was going to make or buy clothes once I was a certain size! This condemned me forever to be caught in a place when I had very little to wear. But once you accept & even begin to love your shape, you can begin to accommodate it in a flattering way with your clothing which then enables you to live in the present. This applies equally to age!


The advantage of Style verses Fashion is that one spends money slowly more wisely on basic classics that don’t date quickly. Your look can easily be updated with some fun things seasonally to add a dash of colour or fashion to your look. Style ages well but Fashion dates so quickly!

This is because Fashion is mostly aimed at the very young & slim. Fashion is about change & consumerism, while Style is economical as when you develop it you know your identity & this knowledge makes choices easier as you as you are no longer dazzled by the fizz of Fashion. Again this enables us to age more easily & gracefully as we don’t get stuck in a time warp.

According to the Gurus ~ One of the first steps is to define your style type & as you progress with this outer expression of an inner feeling  that helps you begin to make more appropriate choices. Next you are able to identify what possibilities exist for you in touches of fashion which is the fun part of getting your whole look together.

Apparently from my research I have found that the suggestion is everyone is one or more of these five style types ~ Classical, Chic, Whimsical, Bohemian & Avant-Garde. Of course this is not ridged but helps to define a mood or a look that is your favorite.

Fashion Stylists & Personal Shopper give you advice by taking a Style Test on the Internet to help you find what you identify with the most in order to give you the clarity & direction to adapt more easily.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert when you walk into a crowded room?
Do you want to blend in or make a statement about yourself?
Do you want to seem natural & easy going or do you want to exude power & be in control?

The key is to know yourself & what you are comfortable with projecting.  Here I think this is the appropriate time to quote Coco Chanel who was unique as she was daring enough to be herself.

She said explained both simplicity & style well by saying “When you get dressed look in the mirror & subtract something.” This creates simplicity.

Learn to trust your own instincts & wear what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, then combine this with being daring & brave by trusting your taste.

I have a friend who always looks lady like & individual, who makes herself amazing signature necklaces which are shown to perfection on a tunic dress.

Strangely enough even opposite of Coco’s concept that’s because rules are made to be broken with Style~ Lydia is so individual & looks ladylike, unique and classy, as well as interesting artistic. These necklaces have become her signature pieces, like my earrings have become mine or someone else’s stacked colourful bangles. Accessories are the most playful addition to any clothing style.

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