crowbar gang awareness
  • The infamous “crowbar gangs” have struck fear into the hearts of our community and in some cases leaving street block in a state of paranoia.
  • Information and patterns are constantly being analysed by law enforcement agencies and academic specialists alike.
  • Some glaring tactics stand out and Princeton would like to share some of these modus operani with our community.
  • The gangs hit hard and fast-usually under 3 minutes.
  • They usually operate in groups of 3 or more
  • They are highly mobile-usually in SUVs or larger sedans that are sometimes rented
  • They are well dressed-often in upper end casual clothing brands
  • A crowbar or similar tool will be in their possession
  • They are often armed and may carry a genuine firearm or a gas operated replica which is hard to distinguish form the real McCoy
  • One person is usually tasked with being the “gunman” a person who knows how to handle a firearm & is tasked with keeping any resistance at bay or any gang member in check who may not be pulling his weight during the robbery
  • Their ideal targets are homes situated near intersections or roads which they can speedily access in the event they are chased by Armed Response or police
  • Their interest is in what they can steal from the home & whilst violence may not be their initial intention one must remember that they will stop at nothing when wanting to execute their plan
  • Crowbar gangster do not like being profiled or identified

What can you do to be a bit safer?

  • Install good perimeter protection in the driveways/gardens whereby the gang will be detected before they get to the structure of the home. This is early warning & it will alert the armed response company who can respond quicker
  • Get to know your neighbours & their habits-there is safety in numbers
  • Join the Neighbourhood Watch-It doesn’t mean one has to actively patrol but being vigilant of ones surroundings & report suspicious behaviour to the NHW or Armed Response Company or SAPS
  • Do not keep cash in the safe or on the premises & if one has to do this, please do not make it known to anyone!
  • Tear up flat screen TV boxes & dispose there of as failure to do this advertises that one has a shiny new flat screen
  • Always STAY ARM your alarm when at home & install good perimeter detection
  • Consider a home CCTV system and depending on numbers of interested parties, consider having live CCTV monitoring of the street one stays in


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