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Fidelity ADT introduces their new *Virtual Agent System (VAS*) that will automatically phone you after they receive a signal from your alarm system. This system enables you to interact with them and cancel a false alarm without speaking to an agent.

The system also further assists them during the *COVID-1*9 lockdown period, as it allows them to continue to provide you with an effective service while minimising the risk of infection by reducing the travel of their monitoring centre agents to and from work.

Under no circumstances will this new system impact the quality of your service or delay the response to your alarm activation or emergency. They have enough monitoring centre agents available to call you should you not elect to make use of the VAS. There will also be no impact on your armed response service. The new system will also enable their monitoring centre agents to focus on actual emergencies and improve the efficiency of their monitoring centres.

Rest assured that at no stage will your safety or security be compromised as your alarm signals will still be evaluated and prioritised as per their existing procedures.

How this will work:
◊ When your alarm is triggered you will receive a call from the Virtual Agent

◊ The Virtual Agent will inform you that armed response was dispatched and enquire if you are safe

◊ To confirm that you are safe the system will prompt you to proceed and press one (1) on the keypad of your telephone

◊ Once you have pressed one (1) the system will prompt you to enter your cancellation password (this is the password you would give to an operator under normal circumstances to cancel a false alarm

◊ You can now enter your cancellation password on the keypad of your phone

◊ The password can be either numeric (numbers) or alphanumeric (letters and numbers)

◊ Should the password be only letters you will enter the number sequence on your telephone keypad to spell your password, for example, CAT will translate to 228 – C (2), A(2), T(8)

◊ Should your password be alphanumeric you will enter the number sequence on your telephone keypad to spell your password and the numbers, for example, CAT123 will translate to 228123 – C (2), A(2), T(8), 1, 2, 3

◊ Should you not be safe, or you are not at home and require armed response you will be prompted to press 2 or hang up the call. In this case, you will also be called by an operator to further confirm the nature of your request.

◊ For ease of use of the automated phone back system please consider changing your cancellation password to a numeric (numbers) password. You can do this by contacting your nearest office for more information.

They are very excited to launch this new feature which will greatly improve your safety and the speed at which they can assist you.

086 010 0911

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