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As we approach June, no doubt there are many mixed feelings about still being in lockdown, and how the ‘risk-adjusted’ easing will be a process that takes numerous months. It’s impacting people to different levels in different ways, and we’re all doing our best to stay above water and support ourselves and each other as best we can.

One lesson that’s become abundantly clear in this time as supermarkets close with positive cases, is that growing our own veggies is one of the most resilient, regenerative and wise things we can do.

On that empowering note, there is plenty you can plant in June! The seasons come and go, and this time will change, just like the seasons do. While we can’t do everything we may want to, it’s important to focus on what we CAN do. Time in the garden is always well-invested! Did you know that soil has microbial properties that some scientists have correlated with potential antidepressant functions? Not surprising, since it always feels amazing to have spent some times getting our hands, hearts and minds stuck into the garden.

The temperatures are dropping slowly but steadily, and we’re having such crisp, clear days. Even confined to our homes aside from morning exercise, it’s beautiful! With the leaves turning colour and starting to fall, Autumn is the perfect time to collect your leaves (or leaves from your neighbours or street!) to use for mulch in your gardens, or as brown matter in your compost.

Here’s the June plant list for those embracing the cooler temperatures and who are keen to get stuck into the garden: 
Broad Beans, Beetroot, Chard/Spinach, Cape Gooseberry, Celery, Chives, Chilli Pepper, Lettuce, Onion, Parsley, Peas, Potato, Radish, Tomato

I hope you’re all healthy, finding things to laugh at and taking good care of yourselves.


Gabriella Garnett
076 2199 849 | gabriella.garnett@gmail.com

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