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With property at its most affordable in recent decades, you may be asking yourself if 2022 is the year to buy your first home or invest in a new property to expand your portfolio? Carl Coetzee, CEO of BetterBond, outlines several signals that you could be ready for a new home.

1. You want to get onto the property ladder

You’ve been renting, but you would much rather pay that money into your own bond, instead of putting it towards someone else’s home loan. The thought of finally having a place that you can call your own also appeals to you as it’s an investment in your future. You can decorate it without having to run every decision past your landlord, and you could renovate to suit your lifestyle.

2. Your life is changing

Are you thinking of getting married? Perhaps you’ve already tied the knot and are planning to start a family, or your family is growing? These are some of the milestones in life that prompt us to change homes. If you have a baby on the way you may want another bedroom or an outside area where little ones can play safely. Alternately, you could be at a later life stage where your children are getting ready to leave home, and you’re thinking of getting a smaller space that requires less upkeep and would cost less to run.

3. You want a good education for your children

Your children are close to school-going age and you’re starting to think about where you’d like to send them. Many schools prefer you to live within a certain radius, so consider this if you have a particular school in mind. Owning property in the school catchment area could be a major advantage when it comes to applying for a place. It’s also a sound long-term investment as properties close to schools are always in demand.

4. You want an outdoor area

We are blessed with one of the best climates in the world. If you’re living in an apartment, you may be dreaming of a home with an outdoor area where you can entertain friends and family, perhaps invest in a built-in braai or get a pizza oven. An outdoor area also gives you the option of a beautiful garden or a vegetable patch, a play area, a swimming pool or an entertainment area. Many people acquired pets during lockdown, so you may be looking for a property with a larger garden, or one that is located close to greenbelts or parks.

5. You want more space

There are many reasons you might decide it’s time for a bigger property. Maybe you worked from home during the pandemic and the dining room table just isn’t an ideal office? Perhaps you’re thinking about a property with a garden cottage or flatlet for elderly parents? Or maybe your children are growing up and your home is starting to feel a little too snug for everyone’s comfort and sanity, and a teen pad would offer some reprieve.

6. You want a better lifestyle

Have you been considering ‘semigration’ – relocating from one part of the country to another – for better quality of life? With the pandemic having made working from home the new normal for many South Africans, the dream of moving to a small coastal town or a quiet country village is suddenly a lot more doable. Also consider municipal service delivery in your desired area. A property in a municipal area that is well serviced will be a better long-term investment and easier to resell.

7. You’re financially ready

If you are considering a property move this year, use BetterBond’s affordability calculator so that you have an idea of what you can afford and understand the costs associated with buying a home. BetterBond can also pre-approve you first, so that you can embark on your home-buying journey with confidence. Have all your financial records ready so that BetterBond can assist you with the application process at no cost to you.

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