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Wall-top electric fencing has become a common sight in the Village as a first line of perimeter security. Many people may, however, not be getting the greatest benefit possible from their fencing. Fidelity ADT advise that “the effectiveness of these fences can be compromised if the wrong fence is selected and the installation done incorrectly.”

‘’For instance, there are general errors that residents should be aware of; certain aspects, including the wiring and structure of the electric fence, the height, number of zones required, and the lifespan of the fence, have to be considered, but are often overlooked.”

Things that need to be considered are:
  • Structure – the structure of the fence is determined by the height, quality and width of the wall.
  • Utilising the right installer – Good structure is useless, however, without the right person to put it together.
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Other perimeter security tips include:

  • Gates – make sure that your gate opens and closes as quickly as possible. This means less time sitting in your driveway or the road where you are vulnerable target to hijackers. Also ensure that the motor has a locked box covering it to stop any attempts at tampering
  • Bushes and trees – make sure that bushes and trees on your property are checked regularly to ensure that they are not affecting your perimeter.
  • Beams – make sure that beams are installed correctly and at the most optimal angle to increase their range and effectiveness. It is also important to make sure that these beams are not obscured by shrubbery, or near reflective surfaces to prevent excessive false alarm activations.
  • Servicing your entire security system – It is very important that you have your security system serviced on a regular basis. Testing your alarm once a month is recommended.

(Information compliments of Fidelity ADT)

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