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The due date to be POPIA compliant is approaching fast. By 30 June, you should be able to convince not only the Information Regulator, but also your clients and service providers, that you value and respect their personal information.

This is achieved when you can show, in addition to privacy policies that you may already have in place, that your Information Officer is appointed and knows his or her role and duties, that your staff actually comprehend their responsibilities and the content of your policies, and that indemnities are in place for instances where personal information is shared by or with your business.

To learn more, read here: 

1. POPI is not only for ‘big’ businesses, but applies to all businesses no matter their size 

2. POPI is not an “IT” thing

3. One-size-fits-all POPI package solutions are not OK to achieve compliance

4. POPI is not really about (unnecessary) red tape and a way for government to burden businesses

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