spring has sprung

Spring has sprung at Oggi and we are turning our focus from gym and dance to all things water

September is the month of renewal & birth and in South Africa, Heritage Day, colloquially known as Braai Day!   So, if you want to spice up the celebration head on down to the Oggi Shop for South Africa flag print speedos, bikinis or buffs.   

From then, it’s all system go, hotting-up for summer (we hope).  Big Reminder to be sunwise and not get your pale winter skin burnt on the first warm day.  Come and have a look at our selection of UV protective swimwear for the whole family.  The ladies long sleeve bather is now all the rage so a good in-between weather suit.

Our marvelous toweling ponchos from Octohoodie and Dragonfly Tri are great to have on hand if our cape weather turns or if you are joining the tidal pool revolution.

If Aquarobics or water therapy is in your diary we have a collection of ideal swimwear with our Ladies Surfer topping the hit list with its easy slip on, slip off back zip. 

Another super items for skin sensitive clients – fantastic UV arm protectors – SLOVES for short offering sun protection, for golf,  gardening, driving or any outdoor activity.

Looking forward to Blooming good September.


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