water saving tips
With the ever present water restrictions, we all need to keep in mind to save water.
Access to water is a human right, and therefore it is each one’s responsibility to save this precious resource.
It is rather easy to save water in the household by following these tips.  We look at the method of saving water as we “walk through each room of the house’’.
Before we begin, put that hosepipe away in the garage for safe storage and check all taps, inside and outside the home, for leaks.
In the Kitchen:
Utilise a plastic container which fits snugly into the sink, is easy to take out when required to dispose of the water instead of pulling the plug and letting the water flow away.
Re-use your mug or teacup.  By rinsing out your mug or teacup you can use the same coffee mug or teacup throughout the day.
Collect rinse water in a container to use on the garden later.  Rinse your cup out after use, rinse your dishes before putting them into the dishwasher and use the collected water to water your plants.
Using a dishwasher saves water and electricity, if it is fully loaded.  Otherwise rinse and collect dishes until the dishwasher is full.  Only put the dishwasher on when full. 
Reroute your dishwasher outlet pipe to a collection bucket or into your garden.
Cooking: Collect the water from steaming or boiling vegetables and cool.  Use this water in the garden.
In the Bathroom:
Let bath water cool down and bucket it into the garden.
Switch off the tap while brushing your teeth. Don’t let the water run.
Shower instead of bath: Less water is used when showering.  Don’t leave the shower water running while you soap up.  Switch off the taps, soap your body and then turn the water back on again to rinse the soap off.
Place a plastic container in the basin to catch the water you use to wash your hands. Use this water in the garden
Add a 1L or 2L soda bottle, filled with water, into the toilet cistern. By doing this you minimise the refill when you flush the toilet.
Alternatively use the collected water to fill the cistern of your toilet.

In the Laundry Room:
Re-route the washing machine outlet pipe into the garden or into a container for later use on the garden.

In the Garden:

Pool wise: put a cover over your pool to minimise evaporation.
The municipality is threatening to penalise households that are caught using hosepipes. They have also increased the tariffs for water usage, on a sliding scale, so financially it is in your best interest to save water.

Not only from a financial point of view but also because water is a precious resource which we need to look after.

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