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Lew Norgarb of Norgarb Properties today released news of the recovery of the much loved stolen rickshaw!

It’s been approx seven months of me scratching my head trying to figure out how this extremely hard to miss, large yellow cumbersome and seriously slow, 3 wheeler rickshaw found its way across multiple suburbs (Kenilworth to Grassy Park) traversing busy roads including the M5 freeway in broad daylight!

Local camera footage on the day, showed the thief at 6:10am peddling up Second Avenue from Harfield Village to Kenilworth as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Click here to see the camera footage, or click below:

But equally mystifying is how it managed to remain so deeply concealed for all this time, seemingly within the vacuum of some Southern suburbs “Bermuda Triangle”

But then finally things changed!

Last week I received a tip off along with a photo and a pin location, of a (now white) rickshaw, which appeared to be conducting some sort of passenger business near Pelican Park shopping mall.

I immediately notified Col Laing, (the Grassy Park SAPS Station commander,) who I’ve kept on speed dial (albeit that Claremont SAPS had officially closed the case some months back).

He was amazing, as he and his team sprung into action and within 30 minutes I received news of the rickshaw recovery plus the arrest of two young male suspects.

Having now read the rather humorous Daily Voice news article and learned about the “skelms” giving lifts to “aunties” and their little business operation appearing to have been flourishing, I have to say that as an entrepreneur myself, there’s a part of me that almost feels sorry these guys got bust!

Read the somewhat humorous, but also informative full DAILY VOICE article here: 

It might be a “gangster” operation but it still put a smile on my face knowing that our long lost beloved rickshaw (albeit a bit beaten up now) was indeed still offering some sort of community service and in a fun way too, just like our remaining one still does at our local events.

“The rickshaw theft coincided on the same day that my dear dad Leon Norgarb passed away in late Oct last year. It was being temporarily stored in the garage where he lived in Dormax Gardens Kenilworth. It still remains a complete mystery how the thief (or thieves) managed to override the complex motor gate which usually requires a master key!

Perhaps SAPS will still manage to establish this and possibly even more intel remains, so let’s see what comes out of the mix.

A big thank you to SAPS and to all those members of the public who kept an eye open for our lost rickshaw!

With SAPS getting their “A” into gear with a quick handle on things, and the big wheels finally turning, the story, which got loads of traction and mileage, has eventually turned the corner and with a nice ring to it, saw the brakes put on the peddle power perps for good. (And yes ALL puns intended)

Sorry to all those stranded Aunties, but hang in there, perhaps some non skelms might come up with a plan for you still 🙂

Here are some before and after photos of our beloved Rickshaw: 



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