“On Saturday the 16th of August a few family members and friends gathered to celebrate Muhammad Shaboodien’s 1st birthday, and as part of the afternoon, we asked Lew from Norgrab properties if we could hire the tuk tuk to give the kids (the young and not so young kids) a ride around the neighbourhood.  Much to our surprise Lew himself and Tendhai (the second driver) pulled into our driveway with two tuk tuks.  The kids were both  immediately fascinated and excited at the prospect of going on a ride on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon.  Some were prepared to take charge and be the drivers themselves, while others were happy to be passengers and enjoy the ride through the neighbourhood.

Lew was kind enough to let us brand it with Muhammad’s birthday poster, add some balloons and off we went, with some of us getting several chances.  It was an experience which allowed all of us to have fun, experience something new and share with one another.

We appreciated Lew’s enthusiasm, he’s high degree of professionalism and open mindedness of it all. We would have never had such as wonderful opportunity if we didn’t still receive the Harfield Villager paper, in which Lew Norgarb made the tuk tuk available to the community.  As former residents of Harfield, we still enjoy receiving the newsletter.  We find that we can still connect to the residents of Harfield via the newsletter as it gives us a continued sense of community.”

– Azher

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